Flying home – part IV

A lot have happened since my last blog entry. Cases in Nanjing went up and down. City-wide tests were performed again.

I booked myself in for a test to get a written test result in Chinese, this to allow me to leave Nanjing for Shanghai and a way to get to Sweden through Frankfurt.

On the 2nd of August, Frank helped me to get a test done at the Jiangsu Peoples Hospital. On the morning of the 3rd I had a digital covid test in my hand. I could now leave Nanjing.

I booked a train out of Nanjing on the afternoon of the 3rd and a hotel room at ANdAZ in Shanghai, our favorite hotel there.

The railway station was almost completely deserted, strange feeling in a city of 10’000’000 people! I got on the train and could easily get into Shanghai by showing my green Health Code.

Next obstacle now was to get yet another covid test report, this time in English. Without that one I wouldn’t be allowed to board the Lufthansa flight to Germany, nor enter the Shengen area on the airport in Frankfurt.

On the morning of the 4th I got to a tiny hospital in Shanghai. Of course no-one could talk English to me there, but Frank could (as always) be my interpreter on the phone through speaker mode.

This time they tested me in the nose AND the throat…yuck! I have so big problems with those throat tests, makes me wanna throw-up…

On the morning of the 5th, I got my dual language test report, now I could fly home!

The flight was at 23:50 on Thursday evening so I had a lot of time to kill in Shanghai. Got to the airport around 20:30, never been in such a long and slow checkin queue. Not until 22:50 I was ready to go through the immigration and security checks.

The flight

The flight was fully booked, not what one had expected during the covid time. No real danger in itself since China is almost without cases.

Felt good to fly home and I was actually able to sleep a few hours which was good.

Landed at Frankfurt airport at 05:20 in the morning and had to wait for next flight until 10:20. But if there’s something I am getting used to it is to kill time while waiting for something.


It felt really good to be met by Nina and Christoffer at the airport! I had finally gotten home!!

Only issue now is that I don’t have a flight back to China! It is lost in all rebookings of this flight…

So story is to be continued