Mochou lake day 2

Åter igen ett besök i den fina parken vid Mochou lake

Underbar promenad runt sjön (ca 4km)
Lotusblommor överallt
Akta er för det farliga vattnet…
Vi blev inte skadade…
Farligt farligt
Lotus, så vacker
Törstiga träd
Lady Mochou
Två ladies
Man blir trött av att gå


Efter pagoden och dess museum gick vi till minnesparken söder om Big gratitude relics park.

The Rain Flower Terrace, one of the most iconic spots in Nanjing, is located to the south of the city and occupies an area of 153.7 hectares. It is rich in historical monuments as well as natural scenery.

The site got its name during the Southern Dynasties (420-589) because of an old and wise monk named Yunguang, who preached the doctrines of Buddhism at the park. According to legend, the monk’s eloquent storytelling moved the heavens so dramatically that the gods rained down flowers like a shower on the area, hence the name “Rain Flower Terrace”. The scenic location is significant in modern Chinese history because it was used as an execution site of revolutionary martyrs. It has since been converted into a memorial area.