A nice evening at Vancouver Grill in Fairmont

Went in the morning to Danyang to buy glasses. In this city, most of the world’s glasses are manufactured. The price is a little difference campares with at home. A pair of progressive glasses for 450 RMB instead of 7000 RMB (approx 10000 SEK).

Madde is making a deal while Nina and Andreas are checking glasses
Happy buyers!

Krister and I bought two glasses and paid 600 yuan for this. I hope they will be good for that price. After that we went home and headed out for dinner at Vancouver Grill at Fairmont.

Our favorite restaurant!

We were there together with Madeleine and Andreas

Happy eaters!

Ordered Parma Ham and mozzarella as appetizer and grilled steak with asparagus for main course.

Some of us had marvelous scallop as appetizer
Andreas selects the knife he wants for cutting the steak
Salt and mustard is always served to the steaks

Order the sufflé for dessert.

Everyone felt pleased after the really good dinner

We finished the evening with a visit to Nanjing Eye. Unfortunately (which we should have known…) all lights are closed at 10pm, and we got there 5 past… bummer…

The Nanjing Eye and Jumeirah
Krister is waiting for our car which he easily ordered with his phone

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