A weekend in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a lovely city, there is a lot to look at. Fantastic to just walk around the West Lake.

West Lake
Amazing chinese buildings and locations
Of course we found a Pagoda (or two) to climb
The golden buffalo, with a very interesting story… go there to find out why
Beautiful view of the Baochu Pagoda in the distance
Bauchou Pagoda

Grand Hyatt

As always, we find the best (and most expensive) hotel!!

The most famous tea plantage in China, have always served emperors and all presidents of Peoples Republic of China with their tea. Also a place for presidents like Obama to visit

President Obama and President Xi at the tea plantage

Buddha temples, can’t be seen too many of

Of course we found a Blue Frog restaurant here, when will we see this chain in Sweden?

French restaurants even here 👍🏻🤪

Thanks for a lovely weekend 💞

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