Flying home – part III

The story continues. Fifteen minutes ago they called and said, your flight on the 3rd of August is cancelled, is it ok for you to fly on the 5th of August from Pudong, Shanghai instead?

The covid cases are increasing in Nanjing, really not surprised that the airport isn’t open again on Tuesday next week.

Since the last blog post on this topic, the entire city have been tested again. This time I did choose a test site that is close to where we live. I can sit on the balcony to check the queue length.

Today it only took 19 minutes, to be compared with the last 5 hours and 42 minutes.

We were all lined up in three queues. One test bottle per 10 people. So they took each test swab and put it in the same bottle for 10 people. In this way they only have to do one million tests to test a population of 10 million. Probably a bit more error prone but…

The number of cases look like in the graph below, and every single case is listed of their whereabouts for everyone to see if they have been in risk of exposure.

Daily cases
Accumulated cases

Again, wish me luck


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